2021 Webinar Series

Boosting In-Kind Donations With PDSA Process

Plan-Do-Study-Act is an interactive, four-stage problem-solving model used for improving a process or carrying out change.

In this webinar, we will explain in detail how you can use this methodology to significantly increase

in-kind donations within your head start agency.


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Introducing Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology for in-kind collection (non-federal match). Learn how to identify the gaps and issues of your current in-kind collection

Examples of application of PDSA cycle to in-kind collection on your Head Start Agency

Strategies to increase productivity across departments by going paperless and use data-driven processes for decision making

2021 Webinar Series

Learn from our Head Start Specialist

Monica Castaneda

Head Start Consultant

Learning Genie


Monica has contributed to many Head Start agencies, helping to organize processes and procedures to leverage non-federal match contributions.